After the government of Rwanda announced in 2011 that it would close all orphanages over the coming decade and all of the children should live with either foster families or with extended relatives, Rwanda government decided to keep all children stay in family to be taken care by parents. Emmanuel Dushimirimana felt compelled to do something to support these children and their families. 


When Kunda Village Ministry was established in 2012, Emmanuel worked with 60 children of the age from 4-6. In 2017 he offered 200 other children age from 2-16, who still have one parent, his help. The whole village is very poor and needs sustainable help.

Our main goal is finding sponsors for our children. We like to send them to a school, which provides them with food and not the best -but yet satisfactory- education. A sponsorship will help the children to grow up in a safe environment that will allow them to reach their full potential and therefore reach a stable place in the society.

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Founder and Director: Emmanuel Dushimirimana


Emmanuel lost his parents by the genocide in Rwanda when he was only 2 weeks old. He grew up at Noel Nyondo Orphanage, which was closed in 2012. At that time he was in Secondary 3, but without the financial support of the orphanage, he was not able to finish his education. Now he earns money by making and selling paintings and lives with an eldery woman that adopted him.

 When he saw that mostly poor families offered the young orphans a place to stay, he decided to help them and establish a sponsorship program. Click here to read more about him "MORE"


>> I want to help those children because I know the struggle of growing up without parents. It's the best feeling when i see their happy and thankful smiles.<<