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Founder and Director


Emmanuel lost his parents by the genocide in Rwanda when he was only 2 weeks old. He grew up at Noel Nyundo Orphanage, which was closed in 2012. At that time he was in Secondary 3, but without the financial support of the orphanage, he was not able to finish his education. Now he earns money by making and selling paintings and lives with an eldery woman that adopted him.

 When he saw that mostly poor families offered the young orphans a place to stay, he decided to help them and establish a sponsorship program. Click here to read more about him "MORE"



>> I want to help those children because I know the struggle of growing up without parents. It's the best feeling when i see their happy and thankful smiles.<<


 Legal Representative 


Michel is 32 years old, lives in RWANDA, Rugerero. He lost mother since he was really young, and lost father since he was in secondary school and since that happened it was tough to study.

I lived in struggle life but finally i got some sponsors that would like to pay for me school fees and finish my studies because i was bright in class.  In that time i was always thinking that one day i will have a punch of many children with my families to help them with much energy that i will have. The life was not very easy because i decided to study day time so that in weekends i would find some works to do like making bricks to earn some money to help my family.

Finally i finished my school and i got a job in  good school as Accountant and that is where i met EMMANUEL and slow by slow we got to know each other as i was his  teacher at school.

He became my friend sometimes i used to call him my brother because he was open minded.

He left a school but we kept in touch in three years passed he told me about KUNDA VILLAGE MINISTRY and i fell very interesting to support him with Ideas. i joined hands together to kiss our past and follow GOD'S PLAN.  (luke: 2:40) 






Selina is 20 years old and lives in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany. After she finished her A-levels in 2016 she decided to stay in Rwanda for a voluntary service. She was sent by a German organization and sponsored by the German government to work as a volunteer. She worked in a secondary school in Nyundo for one year. Then she decided to extend her stay in Rwanda as she couldn't imagine to leave the country already. For another seven months she worked in a community center for disabled people in Gisenyi. In addition she founded a project for street kids and went to the countryside to support the families there. When she first heard of Emmanuel and his projects she was so interested in his work that she contacted him immediately. She collected funds in Germany and managed to buy a sewing machine for the poor women as well as she supported the Christmas project on the countryside together with Emmanuel and others. Selina is coming back to Rwanda as often as possible and became a part of Kunda village ministry.


Assistant Coordinator

Daria Malaika Thüringer is 18 years old and came to Rwanda in August 2017. She is staying for one year in total. She is from Gisenyi and absolves her volunteer ship in Gisenyi. Daria is working in with mentally challenged adults and children in Ubumwe Community Center. She is also helping Kinda Village Ministry through collecting funds in Germany for orphans and poor women in the village. That way she is providing food and sewing machines to help these women to get self-reliant. With the sewing machines they can make and sell bags, many of them are shipped to the USA and Germany. "I am very impressed of Emmanuels work, as well as of himself. He spends a lot of effort and heartblood in his projects. I want to help Kunda Village Ministry as much as I can through collecting donations and helping locally in Rwanda."