You are only some clicks away from changing a life..

Now we have ORGANISATION bank account where you can donate your funds to buy food for children, send them to school and support their families during holidays.





BANK Account: 06005320005

Swift Code: AFRWRWRW


If you can not use Bank account OR paypal please contact us for WESTERN UNION TRANSFER or MONEY GRAM Details.

Sponsoring a child

The families that offered the orphans a place to stay are mostly very poor and are struggling with sending their own kids to a proper school. In Rwanda the teachers are paid by the government but for other materials like school uniform, books or food, the family has to pay itself. Thats why most of them can't afford a good education. We like to send the orphans to Bwitereke School, which is not the best but still a not affordable school for the families. The school is located in Gisenyi and covers nursery(age 3 to 6) and primary(age 7 to 12) school classes. With only 25$ per month you can change a kids' life and guarantee him a good future!


Bwitereke School, Gisenyi

Cost: 300$ per year - 25$ per month includes breakfast, lunch, health insurance, school uniform, school utensils


If you are interested in sponsoring a child, don't hesitate to contact us!



This is what your money being used.

Every money donated goes to the orphans and poor children to have food and attend good schools in Rwanda. Every amount goes to orphans 100% to provide food and education.

Desperate Needs

Water Purifier:

The water in our village causes a lot of diseases because we have no possibility of cleaning it. We use it for cooking, washing and drinking. We are dreaming of an own water tank for the whole village and water purifiers for each family.



Watertank for the whole village: around 3.000$

One water purifier: around 1.500$

Sending a Package

The government of Rwanda luckily does not take many taxes for donations. Some of our supporters already send packages full of children clothes, medicine and school materials. Everything reached us safely and we could make many kids happy!


Our Adress:

Emmanuel Dushimirimana 

P.B. 442


Rwanda, Gisenyi




Final we bought a land were we want to build a guest house and nursery School for children in village, that guest house will help us to host volunteers,  pay teachers and feed children at school. From there we can build water purifier and tank for children to have water everyday because water is most important thing in village. 

Please be a proud of supporting our project we will start to build a school soon in December. Please donate on our PayPal Account.